Yoga Asana Practice in LA

20130114_14122620130114_144358 20130114_144304 20130115_142909Yoga Asana Practice in LA

I get up. I shower. I put my yoga gear on. I stand on my mat. I greet the day. I practice. My mat is already set out. There is no thought behind it. I just get on my mat as I would sit at my computer, sit in front of the tv, or wash the dishes. My practice is difficult today. I breath and move through it. I don’t go to studios anymore. I believe it is good to do my practice on my own. After years of practice, it comes naturally. My favorite part: sitting at the front of my mat and greet the universe.


2 thoughts on “Yoga Asana Practice in LA

  1. corpsereviverista2 says:

    Hey Chrissy I love this post and found it to be very inspirational. It’s so true, just get up and do it and make it a part of your day. I miss being able to start my days with you in LA doing yoga…loved the work…loved the lessons…love you! Great pics of the asanas as well and of course the familiar setting makes me long to be there.

    • 1barefootgirl says:

      Thanks sweetie. So nice to hear from you. Yeah good memories of practicing together. Love you! BTW – Love the handle!

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